What we provide– the right materials.

The Book Bus provides expertly selected reading and other stimulus materials to match young people of all ages.

We also provide activities and arts and crafts materials which helps build on learning and storytelling skills, develop vocabulary and most importantly of all, builds on a love of reading and discovery.

We have found time and time again that children then teach their friends and family to read, creating a ripple effect for the whole community.

What we do– building the right environments.

Whilst providing just the right kind of reading materials is vital, so is working with and supporting teaching staff in each school.

The Book Bus is run by local teams. By understanding what makes each community unique, ours is a true partnership with teachers and trainers which means that our programmes are not only enjoyable but effective.

What we promise– an ongoing commitment.

Since 2008, the Book Bus has focused on identifying and supporting communities that will benefit most from our involvement.

We understand the real difference a sustained and prolonged commitment can make. For this reason, we remain focused on providing long-term support for the schools and teams we work with.

Happy learners are guided to better literacy by local mentors and trained staff.

What we measure– a lasting impact

“My favourite book is The Hare and the Tortoise. I like the way the tortoise takes his time but wins the race,” says 10-year-old Angela Beaston.

Angela was one of 180 children on the 2016 Book Bus reading support programme in Mangochi, Malawi.

At the beginning of the programme, every child took a reading test and their scores were recorded. The same test was used six months later, with the children showing an average increase in reading ability of 35%.

“Children’s lives are changing, and they will never be the same.”

Roseby Gadama