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Donate a book to inspire a love of reading!


Develop vocabularies and nurture storytelling skills.

Enough fuel to reach one school in Kitwe.


Help the Book Bus reach more aspiring readers!

One place at a two day teacher workshop.


Help our teachers provide greater life opportunities.

One new tyre for a bus in our fleet.


Deliver more books to more children.

Over 50 fiction and non-fiction books.


Enable children to become confident readers.

A full service and safety check for one bus.


Keep our book-packed buses running smoothly.

A hand-picked set of essential books to support a classroom of 40 readers.


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Add a bus to our fleet. Give the gift of reading to more children, in more locations!

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*The prices here are representative estimates of the items that The Book Bus purchase must part of its standard operation. Your donation will be used by The Book Bus in the most effective manner possible from the time of donation. That might include the purchase of the “item” you have selected, or your donation might contribute to other necessary outgoings. It will likely be used in conjunction with other funds.

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