We depend on private donors, foundations and sponsors to cover everything we do and we are committed to transparency.

Since our first book-filled bus set off to Zambia in 2008, hundreds of volunteers and supporters have raised enough to commission six more vehicles. These busy buses have delivered books and resources to thousands of children in Zambia, Ecuador and Malawi.

Generous donations enabled us to launch the “I am a Reader” project in Zambia and Malawi in 2017. This strategic four-year project had created 10,000 new child readers by 2020. The project continues in Zambia where we aim to produce another 10,000 new child readers by 2022.

Your money is improving children’s lives every day

A breakdown of how we spent our money in 2018/19.

Impact Breakdown Pie Chart 2018-19

Running costs and raising funds – 15%

Fifteen pence in every pound allows us to run our office, pay salaries, run the charity, monitor how projects are progressing and raise more money for the future.

Charitable activities – 85% of funding

Some 85% of Book Bus funding in 2018/19 was spent on the charitable activities detailed in our Impact Report. These are making a huge difference in providing children with the essential reading skills they need.

Download and explore our latest report.


More about how we make a difference

1. Book Bus outreach programmes

Creating links with schools and working with them to identify needs.

School surveys, research and development, logistics, monitoring and evaluation.

2. Libraries and reading corners

Working with teachers and local teams, we create creating inspirational reading environments for children.

Renovation and/or adaptation of libraries, schools and homes.

3. Books

We Provide free access to books that are engaging and relevant.

By supplying books to schools, libraries and homes.

4. Teacher training and support

Capacity and skills building for staff, teachers and volunteers.

Professional development, teacher training and reading scheme implementation, training for Book Bus staff, school teachers and recruitment, training and management of volunteer reading mentors.

5. Monitoring and evaluation

Applying processes to measure children’s reading levels and identify their learning needs.

Ongoing survey and analysis of results to determine project success.

6. Securing a sustainable future

Embedding the Book Bus approach within the school system.

By building partnerships with local government and other NGOs within the field of education.

With your help we can continue to change children’s lives through the power of reading

In 2017, we began our four-year “I am a Reader” strategy, which aims to get 10,000 children reading by 2020.

We are determined to rise to the challenge of this ambitious target and by the start of 2018, some 6,400 children in Kitwe, Zambia had already enrolled.

We couldn’t have made such a great start without your amazing support and generosity. Thank you!

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