Lady Justice Bubile Shonga

An interview with children’s author Lady Justice Shonga

We interview author and High Court Judge, Lady Justice Bubile Shonga, learning about her latest books and why parents should introduce their children to reading.

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A message from The Book Bus Zambia

As The Book Bus approaches 15 years of working in Zambia, The Book Bus Zambia team look back on their achievements of 2021 and ahead to their aims for 2022.

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Bwalya Penza

An interview with Zambian author Bwalya Penza

We interview author Bwalya Penza, learning why she thinks reading is important for children and how parents can introduce children to reading.

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Meet The Book Bus Zambia Team: An interview with Chishimba Kaela

Learn how Chishimba's role as a Link Teacher provides inspiration to children and teachers, with a passion that fosters learning and interest.

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Raj Mushili Book Bus Driver and Mentor thumbnail

Meet The Book Bus Zambia Team: An interview with Raj Mushili

Learn how Raj's role as a reading mentor and driver helps share opportunities through reading in Zambia, and how literacy has helped him in his own role as a parent.

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The Book Bus Social Development Goals Classroom

Understanding how The Book Bus supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Learn how the SDGs help inform The Book Bus’s efforts to build a “more sustainable future” for children in Zambia and beyond.

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Sakala’s dream: How does The Book Bus transform lives through reading in Zambia?

Understand how The Book Bus impacts children like Sakala, who needs quality books to realise his big dreams.

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The Book Bus I Am a Reader

Why send books from the UK to Zambia?

David Gordon, CEO of The Book Bus, discusses the benefits of shipping quality books from the UK to Zambia.

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The Book Bus I am a reader campaign launch

Help The Book Bus improve children’s literacy this World Book Day

This World Book Day, The Book Bus is re-launching our "I'm a Reader" programme. We need your help to create 10,000 child readers by 2022.

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Three children reading a book

Six ways that The Book Bus is innovatively tackling the global literacy crisis

The Book Bus aims to tackle the global literacy crisis through educational innovations and sustainable change. Learn how.

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The Book Bus New Year 2021

Three ways that you can support The Book Bus in 2022

Find out how to donate by ordering unique cards, shopping online, or by picking an item in our virtual store!

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Reflections on International Literacy Day – Mr Mwape Meki, Head teacher, Manyando Community School

Mr Mwape Meki explains the wide-reaching impact that radio and TV can make in Zambia.

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Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake’s magical art inspiring Book Bus children to read

“It’s a real privilege to be associated with the Book Bus promoting literacy in Africa and South America.”

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Writing their names with pride

We can never anticipate the ripple effects one of our reading programmes might have on a local community.

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Mfuwe Project, Zambia. Week 2 – Going on a Lion Hunt

Usually the Mfuwe bus travels to multiple schools, and works with different age groups for a relatively short time.

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Voices of Africa – Roseby Gadama, Librarian in Malawi

Voices of Africa is a new monthly Book Bus feature, sharing stories from inspiring voices in the various Book Bus communities.

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A reading programme with impact

“My favourite book is The Hare and the Tortoise. I like the way the tortoise takes his time but wins the race,” says 10 year old Angela Beaston.

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Where did our school go?

Imagine turning up for school one morning and the building is no longer there?

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Book Bus Alfie

Book Bus Alfie: A shining star in Ecuador earthquake aftermath

"Book Bus Alfie has been the star for us. Everywhere we went, Alfie brought books for the kids.”

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